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La Belle Epoque

What definitely cannot slip through the cracks in a brand-new Loymina collection is an unexpected combination of Neo-Classicism, Modernism and Orientalism.

The name of the collection LA BELLE ÉPOQUE refers to the Beautiful Era (Belle Epoque) that took place at the end of the 19th — beginning of the 20th centuries and implies peculiar connotation in the designs and hues of the collection.

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Central setting selection, whether it be an art painting, a designer installation or a suitable wallcovering, is crucial for choosing an interior scene. One may easily get confused by an abundance of designs, colors and elaborate combinations of lines and angles. A circle though is, among all, the most sustainable geometric figure, perceived by many cultures as an image of harmony and perfection.

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Lac Deco

The Lac Deco collection by Loymina is inspired by the Art Deco era (1920-1930) that evidentiated how the style may have an impact on all areas of life — from cinema and ocean liners to vanities and postboxes. It happened just once in the age of airplanes, computers and mobile phones; therefore the interest to this style has had an influence on the design in all spheres of our life.

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‘But what do you say to CLAIR today? She’s marvelous,’ he went on… ‘However often you see her, every day she’s different’, that is what you recollect from Leo Tolstoy’s novel when pondering on the CLAIR collection.

The new spring collection heats your imagination with awakening flower associations up to a point drowsing inside of us. Unlike all well-loved Loymina collections, CLAIR abounds in metaphors peculiar for imaginative literature. For instance, it contains “day’s colors”. The new collection evokes your fantasy and links your emotions to renowned literature characters.

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The CACHEMIRE wallcovering collection is an autumn gift to all the customers of Loymina. Five motifs — Wool, Knitted Fabric, Ribbon, Chestnut Leaves as well as Cashmere — will bring coziness, warmness and mood of the winter holidays into your home.

The cashmere pattern entitling the collection is an unusual combination of two classic motifs of the world art — Damask and Paisley. This pattern evokes the images of cashmere wool, and of damask silk with golden and silver threads, and Scottish jacquard from Paisley.
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