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‘But what do you say to CLAIR today? She’s marvelous,’ he went on… ‘However often you see her, every day she’s different’, that is what you recollect from Leo Tolstoy’s novel when pondering on the CLAIR collection.

The new spring collection heats your imagination with awakening flower associations up to a point drowsing inside of us. Unlike all well-loved Loymina collections, CLAIR abounds in metaphors peculiar for imaginative literature. For instance, it contains “day’s colors”. The new collection evokes your fantasy and links your emotions to renowned literature characters.

On the one hand, the CLAIR designs astound you with accuracy; on the other hand, they remind you of the birds’ squawking or the images spawning water ripple.

The CLAIR wallcovering is what you can watch for hours like the water reflecting life as it is.

The new collection is for those who are very particular about details and who esteem their leisure time.

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