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Lac Deco

The Lac Deco collection by Loymina is inspired by the Art Deco era (1920-1930) that evidentiated how the style may have an impact on all areas of life — from cinema and ocean liners to vanities and postboxes. It happened just once in the age of airplanes, computers and mobile phones; therefore the interest to this style has had an influence on the design in all spheres of our life.

The designers of Loymina are excited to present their interpretation of this open to everyone and along with this elegant and prosperous style.

The pivotal motif of the Art Deco style, which is a fountain, is implemented in one of the three art panels of the new collection. The motif of the digital panels Marquetry features the surface made of rosewood and hazel wood that profoundly appealed to the style founders.

One of the founding fathers of the Art Deco style was Edouard Benedictus (1878-1930), a textile designer, painter, writer, bookbinder, musician and chemist. The designers of Loymina were inspired by one of the textile pieces (dated 1925) designed by Edouard Benedictus which led to creation of the Lac Deco collection. Edouard Benedictus’ antithetical perspectives were in sync with the chiaroscuro of the epoch that was prominent for coexistence of technology development worship and interest to exotic cultures, waltz with jazz off-beats, juxtaposition of pearl color and eggshell in incrustations, a female driver and a green Bugatti; moreover, a club of artistic elite and a street gang could be called the same name.

The designers of Loymina strived for transferring this unique Art Deco style into the new collection. The color array, the range of rhythms and textures are in congruence with the strict, tense and uncompromised image of Art Deco.

The color array of the new collection is particularly accentuated. The multitudinous patterns of the Lac Deco collection will definitely vivify your perception of the interior. After all, it was the Art Deco era that literally rehabilitated carpets, textile and wallcovering when there emerged a need to refresh colors and textures of the interiors that had been gradually becoming austere.

 It is common knowledge that the color array of the Art Deco style was profoundly influenced by the bright colors of Diaghilev’s “Ballets Russes”. This “a la russe” in Art Deco brings hope that the new Lac Deco collection introduced to the international society will not leave you untouched. 

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